How can you produce urban chicken?

How can you produce urban chicken?

Farming and rearing of livestock are gaining popularity not only in the rural areas but also in urban settings. Various factors will make a city dweller want to rear chicken, but it is not limited just to the need for fresh eggs and meat; children can be taught skills on animal keeping. A lot of thought needs to go into making the decision to keep a chicken in an urban setting.


There are many breeds from which to choose and a search on the internet will reveal many choices. Some of the breeds include Rhode Island Red, Amerucana, Wyandotte, Orrington and, many more.


The amount of space that is available to will determine the number of chickens one can keep. An excellent location should have adequate lighting and heating for the cold days or nights. Cold affects the productivity of chickens. Check with your immediate neighbors as they will be affected by your decision to rear chickens.

Type of feed

There is a lot of feed available for chickens. The chickens can scratch the ground for food and will hardly go hungry. The kind of housing will profoundly determine the type of feed that is available. Chicken feed can be quite costly, so budgeting for the feed will be necessary at the beginning.


Before putting up a structure and after time spent planning, make sure you have a full understanding of the district rules in the area regarding keeping and rearing chickens. Animal control will offer rules and regulations regarding times of vaccinations and other chicken maintenance practices.

Urban chicken rearing is becoming popular and stores are setting up centers offering diverse veterinary services to cater to the urban farmer. There are diverse ways to earn cash on the side, and chicken rearing might be one of the big cash mines for the brave who dare go start.

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